Renderings Gave Us a Sneak Peek – 15 years ago

During February 2005, selling new homes with resort-style amenities  – without actual buildings – was a challenge accepted by East West Communities.

After all, several years earlier they built Eagle Harbor out of what Jacksonville considered swamp land.  This was where and why the artist’s renderings of soon-to-be real buildings became an extremely valuable tool.

Ground had been broken; construction underway.  First on the list was the grand entrance – a welcoming bridge with waterfalls cascading over stacked rock surrounded by the Floridian trademarks – palm trees and southern live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss.  Not an easy task to bring in giant boulders and construct a vault to house the waterfall mechanicals.  What a grand entrance it was and is today.

In those early days of 2005, renderings depicted the vision.  From the Golf Club to the Athletic Center and the poolside Cabana.

Pretty impressive.  Did the real thing measure up to the artistic renderings?  In 2007, the Southeast Building Conference in Orlando presented Eagle Landing with several awards including the Grand Special Judges Award.  This award is not offered annually and is one of the highest and most prestigious of all the Aurora awards.
When was the last time you visited Eagle Landing?

Fun Facts:
Fifteen years ago this month, Jacksonville hosted the 39th Super Bowl.  The New England Patriots took on the Philadelphia Eagles  – who won?  Of course they did…..

Did you know YouTube was launched this month in the United States?

And our last fact from 2005 – Prince Charles announced his engagement to Camilla Bowles.  Of course, he did.