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Moving is stressful enough and having the right partner is a must when navigating the world of buying and selling your home. Meet the well-qualified Realtors® of East West Realty:

Keith Jones has been with East West Communities since December of 1993:

“At the ripe old age of 26 I was asked by the company to meet with fine people to help them find a home of their future.  Not sure what they saw in me, or what I knew, or did not know back then, but the job has been a blessing.  The ability to be creative; to be emotional; to “help” people with the biggest purchases of their lives is nothing to be taken lightly.  I have learned that the home buying process is not a process at all.  It can be a roller coaster of emotions.  I believe, now, that these experiences have afforded me the ability & the knowledge to best serve the people I work with – by asking the right questions and actively listening.  I can effectively help them navigate what can be a challenging experience.”

“I am proud of the business I have built and am honored to have help many families along the way. It was not anything I envisioned in my life prior to, but it, thankfully, found me.  And it has utilized the best characteristics of my personality.”

Sharon Wyatt moved to Northeast Florida in 1995 and began her real estate career with East West Communities in 1999:

“Wow!!  I cannot believe it’s been 20 years since I joined the real estate world.  I’ve met so many amazing people on this journey and feel so tremendously blessed to be a part of their home buying experience. Each day is different as I meet new people from all over the country. I love to hear their stories and get to know them so I can understand their needs and wants in finding that special home. Looking back over the years I’ve seen what a major decision buying or selling your home is and how emotionally challenging it can be. I would like to think my ability to listen intently to my customers’ needs, share a genuine concern for them, and work tirelessly to meet those needs, has made a difference. I do believe God has blessed me with a strong work ethic and genuine concern for other people; and for that I’m very grateful.  My legacy is to help folks fulfill their dreams whether buying or selling their home.”

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