A Message from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)  July 2022


Just a reminder that all exterior changes/modifications planned for your residence must receive prior ARC approval prior to construction start.  If you have questions regarding any ARC submission, please contact Tammy Patsolic or Marilyn Ayers at (904) 291-7200 or email

Completed application, documentation and check payable to Eagle Landing Homeowners’ Association may be dropped in the ARC Dropbox at the East West Realty sales office (large black mailbox attached to the building).  Submissions will be checked in after a 24-hour wait period.  Applications can also be emailed to the address above.  Approvals/rejections are returned via email.  Due to Covid-19, please allow 10-15 business days for the review process.

Links are provided below:

Architectural Review Committee

3973 Eagle Landing Pkwy
Orange Park, FL 32065
(904) 291-7200


While maintaining the ARC Guidelines, the ARC works diligently to review every submittal on an individual basis. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Additions to your landscape are always welcome. However, any change to your home, including major landscaping revisions, must be submitted to the ARC prior to the beginning of construction. This includes all screen enclosures, fences, pool additions, exterior color change as well as concrete patios, colorizing/texturing driveways, and installation of satellite dishes. Application Form may be downloaded and is also available at the East West Realty Sales Center.

NOTE: The two page form can be used for all items below and itemizes required documentation that must be submitted with the application. Failure to include surveys, photos, brochures, color samples, etc. as requested will delay the reviewing process.

Items and fees are as follows:

  • Screen Enclosure: $100
  • Room Addition: $100
  • Driveway/Sidewalk:  $25
  • POOL (pool application must also be submitted with a fence or screen application): $100
  • Recreational/Play Structures: $25
  • Basketball Poles (permanent): $25
  • Fence: $50
  • Landscaping Redesign: $25
  • Tree Removal: $50
  • Exterior Color Change: $25
  • Patio/Pergola: $25
  • Satellite Installation: $25
  • Solar Panels: $25


Each owner shall maintain its portion of the property in good condition at all times, including mowing, edging, weeding and picking up trash out of the yard, lake banks, drainage easements as necessary. (Article V, Section 14)

Any change to the exterior of your home requires ARC approval. (ARC Guidelines II, Section II.I) Any exterior modification, alteration, change or addition must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to start of construction.

Please allow ample time for the review process. While many contractors offer to submit the necessary documentation, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure ARC approval is obtained prior to construction.

If construction is started or completed prior to approval and said construction is not approved, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove and/or bring into compliance any such construction to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.


Eagle Landing’s Covenants and Restrictions specify size and type of signs used within Eagle Landing. Open house, moving sale signs are available at the Welcome Center for a nominal deposit fee. As we have a limited number of signs, please reserve your signs at least 7 days in advance by calling the Welcome Center at (904) 291-7200.

Remember, moving sales in Eagle Landing are permitted only when your home is listed and for the purposes of disposing personal property related to the intended sale of that property. For Sale By Owner signs that meet Eagle Landing ARC requirements are available from Signs by Tomorrow (332-0778), John Goble Signs (278-2213), FastSigns (443-7446) or Banners & Signs (637-0692).

Sign posts with or without riders can be found at LogoXpress on Fleming Island (278-7774) or Miller Creative Group on Youngerman Circle (707-4295).


Removal of any tree greater than 6” diameter at a height of 3 (three) feet must be approved. If a diseased or dying tree requires removal, call the ARC at (904) 291-7200 with the following information: name, address, location of the tree and a contact phone number. Upon confirmation, an approval form will be issued which must be presented to your tree service prior to removal.

Every lot in Eagle Landing has a minimum of one (1) Live Oak tree (corner lots have 2-3; larger lots require 2) provided by the builder per the landscape requirements of Eagle Landing. Live Oaks may not be removed or replaced by another species. In the event, the live oak(s) needs to be replaced, it must be replaced by another Live Oak.


Flyers advertising tree removal, satellite dish installation, painting your house number on curbs, driveway stamping, landscape materials etc. are regularly distributed throughout Eagle Landing. However, please be aware these types of flyers have no prior approval from the Eagle Landing Architectural Review Committee. All residents wanting to make a change and/or addition to the exterior of the home and/or property are still required to submit an application for review by the ARC. Please feel free to contact the ARC at (904) 291-7200 should you have any questions.


Please make sure invisible fences are kept within your property line. If a property owner takes the fence into an easement located within the property, be aware that if any work is required in that area, the property owner is responsible for all repairs to the property and the fence. Invisible fences may not extend outside their property line, as for example, onto the golf course and CDD property. Also, remember owners are liable for their pet’s actions outside of their property line.


Drivers must be over the age of 14. It is illegal to operate motorized skateboards/scooters and go-karts on streets or sidewalks. Go-Peds, motorized scooters (gas or electric), recreational 4-wheelers or ATVs are allowed to operate ONLY on private property. Within Eagle Landing, this means your driveway or your yard. They are not permitted on county roads (all roadways in Eagle Landing are county roads), sidewalks, bike paths and definitely not permitted on the golf course, cart paths or in our conservation areas.