HOA Account Contact Information Update: January 1, 2021

REMINDER: Annual HOA Assessments are $50.00. Statements have been mailed and payments are due by January 30th.  They are considered past due after January 31. Payment may be made online by visiting www.thecamteam.com and click on the “online payment” tab. Payments cannot be accepted at the Sales Center, Golf Club or at any of the amenities. Please see the instructions noted on your statement.
Payments can also be snail mailed to:
Eagle Landing
c/o The CAM Team
PO Box 21746
Tampa, FL  33522-1746

For Calendar Year 2021, the annual HOA fee remains at $50.

The Eagle Landing Homeowners’ Association is managed by The CAM Team with Kathy Melton assigned as our community manager. You may continue to bring community concerns to the attention of Marilyn Ayers at (904) 291-7200 or via email at mayers@eastwestc.com. However, the management company should be your first contact.

Kathy can be reached at (904) 278-2338 or you can send an email to eaglelanding@agentlink.net regarding general association matters – such as account balances, mailing address changes, etc. To report a violation, inquire regarding an existing one or questions regarding a violation, please contact Carrie Ackerman at candr@agentlink.net. Please reference Kathy Melton and Eagle Landing and leave as much information as possible (e.g. street address, neighborhood name, infraction details).

The CAM Team
1008 Park Avenue
Orange Park, FL  32073
(904) 278-2338

Current Board Members

Roger Arrowsmith
Matt Biagetti
Mark Arrowsmith
Kirk Lingle
Scott Watson