From the Eagle Landing HOA:
Update: December 14, 2022.

We are pleased to share that all of the closed lots within the Eagle Landing community (phases 1-6) have been converted to digital format. Less than a dozen open lots still to be closed by East-West Partners development company and Drees Homes remain to be added to our digital ARC inventory.Although all home/lot number files will be digitally stored, rest assured that all original paper documents will be stored by The CAM Team in their secured storage facility.

By the end of 2022, East-West Partners ARC will transition all ARC activity to the Eagle Landing Architectural Review Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Eagle Landing HOA. To provide a smooth transition, Eagle Landing residents will have the flexibility to access either the current eaglelandingonline.com site or the new eaglelandinghoa.com site to obtainthe ARC form necessary to request any changes to the exterior of your homes. Effective January 2, 2023, all ARC requests must go through the Eagle Landing HOA/ARC by accessing the eaglelandinghoa.com site for the necessary ARC form.

Once the ARC request form is completed, it must be returned to The CAM Team (by email or snail mail) for quality assurance prior to being submitted to the Eagle Landing ARC Committee for review and approval. The ARC process and approval time could take as long as 14 days from receipt of ARC request form.

Eagle Landing HOA ARC request information:
Email: arc@thecamteam.com
Phone: 904-278-2338
Mailing Address: 2233 Park Avenue, Suite 103 Orange Park, FL 32073

For more insightful information, visit:

Current Board Members

Junius Hill – President
Scott Watson- Vice President
Bobby Poole – Treasurer
Trent Janney
Donald Hall
Patricia Lougheed
Michael Young
Debra Brown

HOA and Sub-Committees

Eagle Landing is an HOA community. Without an HOA, safety, living standards, and home values may be compromised. The HOA is responsible for the enforcement of the recorded Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R), ensuring all homeowners follow the CC&Rs. Sub committees of the HOA include the Fines Committee and the Architectural Review Committee. HOA Board of Directors are all dedicated and committed volunteers that want to preserve the pride and value of our community.


The Eagle Landing HOA Board consists of nine Directors. Three Directors serve for three years, three Directors sever for two years, and three Directors sever for one year. During the Eagle Landing HOA Annual Meeting for 2023 (date to be communicated soon), three seats are up for election for a three-year term.

• At least 60 days prior to the scheduled meeting, the HOA will mail out a notice of the meeting to all owners of record
• Anyone interested in running for an open seat must provide written notice of their intention to run not less than 40 days before the scheduled elections.
• No nominations may be taken from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
• At least 14 days before the scheduled meeting, a second notice and ballot, if needed, will be mailed to all homeowners.
• There is no quorum requirement to conduct an election, however ballots from at least five percent (5%) of the total eligible voting interests must be received to have a valid election. Ballots       may not be cast by proxy.
• The term for the three seats will be three (3) years.


As we all know, Eagle Landing is not a private gated community which means that we utilize county roads and sidewalks throughout the community. In our 17-year existence, resident frustrations with thoughtless parking behavior have persisted and have gotten worse with the near buildout of the 1,494-home community. Because we are a county road and sidewalk community, policing poor and/or selfish parking habits is challenging. We ask that homeowners use common sense when parking in the street by not parking directly across from another vehicle, not blocking your neighbor’s driveway, and not blocking mailboxes.

An especially important parking issue that we want to focus on is parking a vehicle in such a way as to block foot traffic if one resides on the sidewalk side of the community. Parking in such a manner as to impede traffic (in this case pedestrian foot traffic) is a Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions violation within Eagle Landing. The sidewalk is not part of a homeowner’s driveway. The HOA and The CAM Team will begin vigorous enforcement of parking that blocks sidewalks (if not a construction zone).

Why is this important:
1. Children going to/from school must step into the roadway to get around vehicles blocking the sidewalk which puts them in danger of getting hit by a car.
2. Our handicapped residents who may ride motorized bikes, wheelchairs, and motorized scooters must somehow navigate around a vehicle blocking a sidewalk which puts them in danger of getting hit by a car in addition to difficulty trying to get their mode of transportation up and down curbs.
3. Residents who have a right to use the sidewalks for exercise (walking, jogging, or bike riding) are also put in harm’s way having to navigate into the roadway to get around vehicles blocking the sidewalk.

A parked car in the street can be repaired if hit. A child or disabled person can be seriously injured or killed if accidentally hit by a car, truck, or school bus because they had to navigate into the street to get around a car blocking the sidewalk.


The ARC reviews all exterior changes to property including landscaping, fencing, screen enclosures, pools, satellite dishes, fountains, exterior color changes (entire house or just the front door), pergolas, gazebos, ornamental exterior furnishings, etc.
• If you are painting your home the same color or replacing your roof with the same color and material, an ARC request is still required.
• All changes must be submitted and approved prior to construction start.Want to make major changes (versus replacing a dead shrub) to your landscaping? Yes, that requires ARC approval. There are approved and non-approved trees and shrubs for Eagle Landing.
• Want to add pavers from your driveway to the curb? Yes, that requires ARC approval. Especially if your home is on the side of the street with a sidewalk. Paving over the sidewalk requires a special exemption from the county.

Eagle Landing is a beautiful and amenity-rich community. Please do your part to maintain our lofty standards and property values.